About Us

New York Singers Collective was conceived by singers, and is governed and owned by singers.  It is our mission to be able to supply employers with world class singers that can fit every need.  It is also our mission to provide support and community for independent SAG and/or AFTRA singers in the greater New York area by providing them with a state of the art showcase for their talents.    
The membership is very diverse.  Our singers do jingles, records, tours, cartoons, industrials, films, tv, games, etc.  We are vocal contractors, arrangers, musicians, songwriters and more.  We are many different sizes, colors, styles, ages and voice ranges.    

Our website is young and still growing.  We'll be adding new singers, adding features to the site and our members will be changing their music clips, pictures and bios.  Drop by often and see what's new.

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