How To Use This Site

This website was designed to help you find the right singer for any job.  

To search for singers by genre, go to the toolbar at the top of any page and click "Men by Genre" or "Women by Genre."  There are 18 different genres to choose from.  Select the genre you are interested in from the pull down menu.  A list of singers in that genre will appear.  Click on any singer's name to hear a streaming virtual audition.  

To find a specific singer by name and/or to learn more about any of our singers, go to the toolbar at the top of any page and click "Men by Name" or "Women by Name."  Select the singer of your choice from the pull down menu.  Audio clips, photos and biographical information appear on each singer's page.    

When you see the symbol next to a singers name it means that the singer is "internet ready."  Internet ready singers can receive, record and deliver high quality vocal tracks over the internet.  That means that you don't have to be in the greater New York area to work with many of our singers.  You can send our internet ready singers a track and they can send you back a great vocal.  
Once you select a singer, you can reach that singer by calling our service at 800-314-1410, available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Our service will immediately put you in touch with the singer(s) of your choice.  

Many of our singers can provide you with a range of services.
Some of us are contractors, instrumentalists, songwriters, arrangers and more.  Check the biographical information on a singers "By Name" page to see what else a singer can do or just ask any of us to help you with your musical needs.  If the person you talk to can't help, they'll be happy to recommend someone who can.  

New singers are constantly joining our website so keep coming back to see who's new!

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